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23rd-Jan-2011 06:44 pm - Friends Only!
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This Journal is Friends Only! (Since I rarely post anything there)
but if you're interested in being friends post here and share a bit
about yourself, under the cut is a bit about me, and yeah idk how
to do this. BC

Follow the Yellow Brick RoadCollapse )
2nd-Jul-2010 08:18 pm - Uhhh Moving My Icons? 8D
I'm moving all Icon posts to my New Icon Community mal_thoughts so that I can use this as just a regular journal and stuff 8U. You catch my drift? I hope so. So I moved all Icons already to that community and soon all icons here will be deleted...if I'm not lazy. I'm still keeping this account XD just switching where I post my icons. Also I'm still gonna be posting them at lullaby_graphic as well. So you can watch either one~.
29th-Jun-2010 10:56 pm - Shameless Plugging!
I hope you guys don't mind~ I mean, I seen others do it ANYWAYS! Shameless plugging of My Friends & I's graphics comm. and though I post my stuff on here... I'll be starting to post things through there to other things...if you catch my drift~ You can find Lullaby Graphicslullaby_graphic <--- RIGHT THERE 8D! 
the layout there hates my coding
25th-Sep-2009 05:52 pm - Resources & Credits
Resources & Credits
 links to our resource sites!
• Layout Resource!

Fruitstyle designs

Graphic Resource!
 Various Manga Sites (Mangafox/One Manga/ ect.)
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