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Friends Only! 
23rd-Jan-2011 06:44 pm
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This Journal is Friends Only! (Since I rarely post anything there)
but if you're interested in being friends post here and share a bit
about yourself, under the cut is a bit about me, and yeah idk how
to do this. BC

So Heyyyy, I'm Mem and here is some stuff about me:
I'm 17
I'm a Female :U
I love video games ( I even work at Gamestop ;D)
I love to RP on proboards forums, I've never tried rping on LJ 8C.
I love to make icons and graphics and skins for rps when I have the time, or when I'm not lazy.
I never beat any games (and if I do it's rare).
I'm going to college next year for animationnnnn.
I own every system BC.
I love manga and anime but I rarely watch anime. AND since the list is super long of what I like I'll just tell you a few of my favorites: Dogs: B&C, Dengeki Daisy, Maid-Sama!, Bride of the Water God.

If you have any suggestions for an anime/manga tell me ;D, I'm always open for something to read. And that's about it, if you want more go check out my profile, k?
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